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Jason Schenker

Austin, Texas
CFO of Newchip and Chairman of The Futurist Institute of America

Session Title: Economic, Energy, and FinTech Outlook for 2017: Disruptions Ahead

In this session, the world’s top-ranked futurist, Jason Schenker, presents his outlook for the economy, energy, and FinTech in 2017. Bloomberg News currently ranks Schenker the #1 forecaster in the world of WTI crude oil prices, industrial metals prices, coffee prices, sugar prices, and cotton prices. He is also currently ranked the #3 forecaster in of U.S. unemployment, the #2 forecaster of precious metals, and the #4 forecaster of Henry Hub natural gas prices.

Schenker is the CFO of Newchip, a FinTech startup in Austin that helps new investors, small investors, and millennials find private companies to invest in that they believe in. Schenker is also the Chairman of The Futurist Institute of America, which helps analysts and economists become futurists.
Schenker is currently ranked the #3 most influential crowdfunding thought leader on Twitter.